Female Name for David

Female Name for David

Davina and Davia are feminine forms of the name David, while Devi, Devorah, Delaney, Darcy, Danielle, Daniella, Daveigh, Davida, Veda, Astrid, Cara, and Esmé can also be considered as female names that honor David.

Female Name for David

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Davina: A Feminine Form Of David

Davina is a feminine form of the name David, offering an elegant and unique option for parents searching for a female name that honors the classic name David.

Davina: a Feminine Form of David
Explanation of Davina as a feminine form of David
  • Davina is a female name that is considered a feminine form of David.
  • It shares a similar pronunciation and association with the name David.
  • Community opinions vary on Davina as a female version of David.
  • Some BabyCenter community members suggest other options like Davia, Devi, Devorah, Delaney, Darcy, Danielle, and Daniella.
  • Reddit users also mention names like Daveigh and Davida.
  • Other suggestions include Astrid, Cara, Esmé, Veda, Davita, Davinia, Daveney, Day, Daphne, Rachel, Jessica, Ruth, Lisa, Christine, Sara, Rebecca, Diane, Melissa, and Scarlett Davie.
  • Overall, Davina is commonly recognized as the feminine form of David.

Other Feminine Names Similar To David

Some feminine names similar to David include Davina, Davia, Devi, Devorah, Delaney, Darcy, Danielle, Daniella, Davida, and Daveney. These names are often used to honor someone named David or have a similar sound.

Other Feminine Names Similar to David
  • Devi and Devorah: These names may not be directly related to David, but they have a similar sound.
  • Amy, Cara, and Priya: These names honor David without a direct connection.
  • Delaney, Darcy, Danielle, and Daniella: Consider these alternative names for a female version of David.
  • Astrid, Cara, and Esmé: These names have similar meanings of “loved/beloved,” just like David.

Creative Alternatives And Loose Connections

Looking for a feminine alternative to the name David? Consider names like Davina, Davia, or even Devi and Devorah, which have a similar sound. Delaney, Darcy, Danielle, and Daniella are also great options.

Davina (dah-VEE-nah)
Davia (DAH-vee-ah)

Beyond David: Exploring Other Names With Similar Gender Ambiguity

The feminine version of the name David varies depending on personal preferences and cultural references. Some popular feminine forms of David include Davina, Davida, Davetta, and Daveigh. These names maintain the essence of David while adding a feminine touch.

Other options for feminine names that share a similar gender ambiguity to David include Delaney, Darcy, Danielle, and Daniella. These names can be associated with both genders and provide a unique twist to the name David.

In addition, names such as Astrid, Cara, and Esmé have meanings related to “loved” or “beloved,” making them an interesting choice for a feminine version of David.

Ultimately, the choice of a female name for David depends on personal preferences, cultural context, and individual creativity. Exploring different options and considering the meanings behind names can help in finding the perfect feminine counterpart to David.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Female Name For David

What Is The Feminine For David?

The feminine forms of David include Davina, Davia, Davida, Daveigh, and Davetta.

Is Dave A Girls Name?

No, Dave is not typically a girl’s name. The feminine version of the name David is Davina.

What Does The Name Davida Mean?

The female version of the name David is Davida. It is a unique girl name with the same meaning as David.

What Is The Female Version Of The Name James?

The female version of the name James can be Jacqueline, Jacquie, Jaqui, Jamey, or Jamesina.


In the search for a feminine name for David, there are several options to consider. Davina, Davia, Devi, and Devorah are all feminine forms of David that have similar sounds. Other options mentioned include Delaney, Darcy, Danielle, Daniella, and Daveigh.

It’s clear that there isn’t a definitive feminine equivalent for David, but these suggestions provide some great options for individuals looking for a female name with a connection to David. Ultimately, the choice will depend on personal preference and what resonates best for you.

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